Fearless Records is looking for ambitious, passionate individuals to join the label’s street team.
About the Fearless Records Street Team:
– It’s a group of music lovers and aspiring industry professionals who post content and work at onsite events to support the artists’ campaigns
– It is a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of the industry, especially for those applying to internships. Additionally, it’s a fun outlet for fans to express their love for their favorite bands for rewards (such as show tickets, merch, and other items/opportunities)
– Teamers complete assignments on their own schedule—you get to pick which campaigns you participate in—and there are leadership opportunities for the most engaged teamers
– Teamers get out of the street team what they put in it
– Teamers do not need to be eligible for credits to participate
– The street team is 100% free and open to anyone who’s committed to learning more about the music industry
What you’ll do as a street teamer:
– Attend shows and festivals to pass out promotional materials in support of artist releases and milestones (e.g., stickers, guitar picks, and posters) (via “tour missions”)
– Support the label’s releases and roster through word-of-mouth promotion and complete actions to increase consumption, awareness, social growth, and other specific metrics (via “digital missions”)
– Assist with any local events hosted in your area; tasks vary with the nature of the event
– Distribute promotional materials supporting releases to local businesses and/or schools (via “street missions”)
– New needs and opportunities are always rising within the street team, giving a variety of unique experiences for teamers to participate in
If you are interested, sign up below!