Punk Goes Acoustic

Punk Goes Acoustic

Punk Goes

CD/Digital Released October 21, 2003

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1. Open Hand (Time To Talk)
2. Thrice (Trust)
3. Yellowcard (Firewater)
4. Sugarcult (Memory)
5. Finch (Letters To You)
6. Thursday (A Hole In The World)
7. Starting Line (Playing Favorites)
8. Strung Out (Velvet Alley)
9. Ataris (Eight Or Nine)
10. Taking Back Sunday (Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)
11. From Autumn To Ashes (Chloroform Perfume)
12. Rise Against (Swing Life Away)
13. Piebald (The King)
14. Rufio (Over It)
15. Strike Anywhere (Chalk Line)
16. Noise Ratchet (Away To The Heart)
17. Coalesce (Blue Collar Lullaby)
18. Grade (Gathering Darkness)
19. Glasseater (Alone In The World)
20. Midtown (Knew It All Along)