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Perfect lyric video for this song! Enjoy “If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It”, read up about this track by checking out a quote from Chris Motionless below, and grab Motionless In White’s new song on iTunes.

“If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It” was written about my disgust for people in the world who have developed this sense of entitlement that they think gives them the right to dictate standards others need to live by. I’m more specifically talking about the beauty standard. I see a lot of shit wrong with the world today, one of which is that people put these fake, mindless public figures I’m referring to on a pedestal and feel as though they need to mimic them to be accepted. Like you need to be a certain weight, wear certain clothes and act a certain way, or you’re doomed. No thanks. I see shit every day about kids killing themselves over getting ridiculed for not fitting in with what’s normal or trendy. I think it’s absolute bullshit. Life is about finding out who you are and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. How is that possible when you see and hear hundreds of things a day inadvertently telling you that what you are is wrong?

I asked my hero Brandan Schieppati from Bleeding Through to scream along with me on this song. He and his lyrics have always been what I’ve looked to for guidance and influence when I felt lost, so I am hoping to do the same for others out there. This song means more to me than anyone can understand. I’m coming for you mother fuckers.” – Chris Motionless