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      CALLING ALL KIDS!! Have the Corpo-bigwigs brought you down? Is there a force of serious bummage serving your life a steaming plate of harsh-browns? Does a lack of pure rock in your life make your tummy feel all icky inside? Well suit up, and look to the sky! No, look back down! Wait, look back up! Spin around three times! ‘Cuz here come THE AQUABATS!!! AGAIN!! Join this band of costume clad crime fighters as they battle all things lame in the pursuit of ultimate radness! Who will win in the ultimate showdown between good and evil?!? That is uncertain, but as sure as the kids are ‘super rad’, THE AQUABATS!… are here to ROCK!

      With 16 years and album sales of over 270,000 under their belts, SoCal’s The AQUABATS! are back with their most recent album HI-FIVE SOUP!, ready to shine a much-needed light into our lives, and prove once again that The AQUABATS! – led by the fearless MC BAT COMMANDER (Christian Jacobs, co-creator of the hit children’s television series Yo Gabba Gabba!) – are still a musical force to be reckoned with. The 12 track full-length album features guest vocals from hip hop Legend BIZ MARKIE on lead single “RADIO DOWN!”, a dancey-dance track with enough sugar weight to give your ears cavities, as well as an appearance from Strong Bad on “PINK PANTS!?” Join THE AQUABATS! as they put the AWESOME! back into “THAT BAND IS… AWESOME!!”

      The Aquabats – “HI-FIVE SOUP!” is available now.

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      The MC Bat Commander -
      Crash McLarson -
      Jimmy The Robot -
      Keyboards, Saxophone
      Ricky Fitness -
      Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk -