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      What do you get when you blend infectious melodies and pop-infused technical guitar riffs with high-energy and solid musicianship? You get Sparks The Rescue, a five-piece pop rock band from Portland, Maine that will win you over with their originality, passion, and dedication to constantly make rockin’ songs. The group is comprised of Alex Roy (vocals), Patrick O’Connell (guitar), Toby McAllister (guitar), Ben Briggs (bass), and Nathan Spencer (drums). Seasoned musicians of over a decade, the crew started playing together in high school where they spawned from three local bands. They shared stages frequently at local shows and events until they decided in 2005 to become one single entity, Sparks The Rescue (deriving their name from Nicolas Sparks novel The Rescue).

      In 2007, STR released a six-song digital EP, The Secrets We Can’t Keep on Double Blind Music. It didn’t take long for their music to catch the ear of WCYY’s Mark Kurdo, and soon the EP was getting heavy rotation on “Spin Out” a weekly program that features local artists. Requests started pouring in for their tracks to get regular airplay on the station, and STR went on to sell over 10,000 units of their EP on iTunes as their fan base grew exponentially. 2010 found the band playing Warped Tour in its entirety along with contributing a single to compilation Punk Goes Pop 3. Most of their time in 2010 was spent writing and preparing to record their highly anticipated follow-up to Eyes to the Sun. Their second full-length album, The Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With was released May 10, 2011. The quintet hit the road in Summer 2011 with Ludo on the Space Dracula’s Basketball Expo Tour.

      LINE UP
      Alex Roy -
      Toby McAllister -
      Guitar, Vocals
      Mike Naran -
      Ben Briggs -
      Nate Spencer -