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      Motionless In White aren’t a band, they’re a lifestyle.

      Since forming in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 2005,this Gothic-inspired metalcore act have captivated audiences with theiraggressive music and arresting aesthetic but nothing could prepare audiencesfor their third full-length Reincarnate,an album that truly defies categorization and establishes them as one of themost exciting acts in rock today.

      “Everything has to fit myvery specific vision for what I want to accomplish but having these people helpwith things I never would have been able to think of on my own was fantastic,”the band’s malevolent frontman Chris Motionless explains. In fact Reincarnate saw the group’s currentlineup of keyboardist Josh Balz, bassist Devin “Ghost” Sola and guitarists RyanSitkowski and Ricky Horror becoming morecollaborative while still remaining to be Chris’ brainchild. “I’ve alwayspredominantly done the writing and programming for Motionless In White but with[2012’s] Infamous and Reincarnate, Ricky had a big hand in itas well,” Chris explains. “I guess you could call us partners in writing forthe band because we write both write everything musically.”

      Chris also brought in fiveof his friends/collaborators to help with Reincarnate,most notably Swedish multi-instrumentalist Tim Sköld who produced part of thealbum and helped Chris fully realize his ideas both sonically and conceptually.“I still moderate but the people I worked with really helped me take it to thenext level.” In that spirit the album also features guest vocals from DaniFilth (Cradle Of Filth) on “Puppets 3” and Maria Brink (In This Moment) on“Contempress.” “Dani is such a huge influence for not only me personally butthe entire band,” Chris explains. “I indirectly wrote ‘Contempress’ with Mariain mind to the point where the song wouldn’t have been able to exist withouther,” he continues. “We sat down and hashed it out and were all on the samepage instantly.”

      A lot of bands describetheir new albums as being both heavier andmore melodic but in the case of Reincarnateit’s actually true. In fact the album is teeming with huge choruses,orchestral flourishes and driving power chords, but even at its weightiestmoments it manages to retain that balance between chaos and beauty whichdefines Motionless In White. The glory of Reincarnatelies in the fact that all of these dynamic elements often occur in thecourse of one song, a fact that will inevitably captivate fans of everythingfrom industrial music to metal to grunge. It’s an amalgam that’s equallyimpactful regardless of whether Chris is gently crooning or urging the listenerto “throw you hands in the air and start this shit!”

      Speaking of vocals, Chris’guttural growls and soaring highs are heightened even more on Reincarnate, a transition that can becontributed to the hundreds of live shows the band have performed betweenalbums to frenzied fans as well as the luxury of having more time in the studiothis time around. “On our previous records I only had one week to sing anentire record of vocals, this time I had three-and-half weeks to get it done,”he explains. While the album still retains the kinetic energy of the band’slegendary live shows, songs like the opener “Deathmarch” see Chris expandinghis dynamic range without losing the sinister edge that has made Motionless InWhite a powerful force that easily stands out in the spectrum of aggressivemusic.

      Lyrically Reincarnate is a hybrid of the personaland fictional narratives that Chris has explored in the past. “On this record Ihave two or three fictional stories to keep things fresh and different from thelast record, but the rest is all really personal because it’s hard not to writeabout things you feel strongly about.” This concept also figures into the albumtitle. “It’s very self-explanatory,” he explains. “We feel like we are buryinga portion our of our past existence and becoming something different. It’s allabout maintaining the characteristics of our band that people have liked in thepast while becoming this new entity and reaching the next level of what we canaccomplish having learned from all of the mistakes that we’ve made and grownfrom,” he continues.

      “The first time that webring out a new song on the road and perform it live, nothing can compare tothat,” Chris summarizes. “I just can’t wait to bring these songs to lifeand share our rebirth with the people who are on this journey with us becausethey won’t be disappointed.”

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