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      We live in a fast-paced world where quality is traded for quantity, technology has taken over and the way music is created and consumed has evolved. As some bands scramble to keep up, Let’s Get It is tearing to the front of the pack, embracing change, and giving their fast-growing army of fans that giddy feeling of discovering something exciting and fresh.

      Born from an aspiration for inspiration in the summer of 2008, five friends from Dayton, OH decided they wanted to make something much bigger than local music. “Like other bands, we started out playing music because we genuinely enjoy it,” guitarist Tyler Foiles reflects. “As things started to pick up, we started to write music that could inspire other people to chase their dreams. We felt so lucky to be so fortunate and just want people to know that anybody can do it, you just have to take the chance and give it everything you have.” Putting their determined passion and wide-ranging influences to good use, they concocted a heady blend of pop, rock, R&B and rap that would soon gain them a huge and quickly expanding online following. Let’s Get It were born, and ready to move out of their local scene to take on the world.

      Setting out to gain the respect of both fans and critics by creating a “second best to no one” live show, they hit the road and soon caught the attention of Fearless Records who signed them just after the band’s one-year anniversary. Wasting no time, they entered the studio to record their debut EP with up-and-coming producer Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!), The Digital Spaces EP is a perfect showcase of Let’s Get It’s unique musical style, including everything from heavy orchestral breakdowns to delicate synth-centric melodies, featuring two brand new tunes and polished re-recordings of the band’s four original hits: “Do Not Disturb”, “Duck Duck Grey Goose”, “Maps”, and Shoot for Teams.

      Although boasting bold lyrics and confident swagger, Let’s Get It truly “gets it” when it comes to staying faithful to their fans. “I never thought I’d get something like fan mail, but just the other day a girl sent us a comic book she made about the band,” notes singer Joe Gilford. “On our one-year anniversary I got a scrapbook full of pictures and notes from fans since the beginning. When people are so supportive, it’s hard to try any less than your best, you know?”

      Let’s Get It is taking their new tunes to the streets this summer on their nationwide tour with Jeffree Star, Artist Vs Poet, and Watch Out! There’s Ghosts. Proving that it is possible for a band can have both style and substance, Let’s Get It is taking this fast-paced world in their stride, and won’t stop until they’ve taken it all the way to the top.