“The Cali Buds” Music Video Premiere

A Skylit Drive’s official music video for “The Cali Buds” has premiered on AltPress! Enjoy the video and check out a statement from the band below!

“The Cali Buds” is about the love we have for our friends and family and knowing we would do anything for them and they would do the same. The song means so much to the band because it really is a tribute to all of our friends that have been a part of this journey with us. Life throws so much our way; good, bad, and unexpected and it’s all about how we live it. We consider our fans our dear friends and know we would not be where we are without their support. We owe the ride we’ve been on to the people that have been apart of this family and “Cali Buds” is our thank you. We wanted the video to have a real and organic feel. To show what life is like for us on and off stage. The director Dan Fusselman really captured this and truly became one of the crew. This video was the most fun project we have been ever been a part of. -Nick

“The Cali Buds” is from A Skylit Drive’s album Identity On Fire, out now! Grab a copy today at Hot Topic or download it now on iTunes!