New Song + Album Reveal

Fearless Records is excited to announce more details for Go Radio’s upcoming album Close The Distance, set to release September 18th!

Check out the track listing below and get a sneak peek at the album with a clip of their new song “Collide”, which can be heard at the band’s official website. Want to hear more? Sign up for Go Radio’s newsletter, share the clip on Facebook, tweet to your followers, get it up on Pinterest, go crazy! The band will release a longer preview once this clip gets to 10,000 shares and will premiere the ENTIRE song once it gets to 20,000 shares. Take the challenge and spread the word today!

Go Radio – Close The Distance
1. I Won’t Lie
2. Baltimore
3. Collide
4. Go To Hell
5. Lost And Found
6. Close The Distance
7. What If You Don’t
8. Things I Don’t See
9. The Ending
10. Over Me
11. Hear Me Out